Like the last watch I blogged, this watch is not an original Chinese design. I’m not sure whether to call it counterfeit or a knockoff – it’s not a counterfeit because it’s not an exact copy of an existing design, but a design that loosely fits the lifestyle/image of an existing watch. However, it’s not exactly a knockoff because it is clearly an Omega logo with the Seamaster trademark.

The watch itself is not spectacular but not bad. It tells the time and hasn’t fallen apart yet. I guess whether it is a “good” watch or not depends on how well it can pass for an Omega – I think if you just glance at it, you might think that it is real; but the thickness of the face and the band can easily tip you off that it is fake. Also, I wore this watch for about a week to try it out, and the band smelled for the entire week! Well, it’s a cheap novelty/thrill for under $5 shipped.