To celebrate the rebrandng of the Android Market as Google Play, Google held a sale on some popular games, apps, and media recently. Many of them were repeats of the previous sale, but here are some new things that I bought:

  • Pocket League Story
    This is a game in almost the same format as Game Dev Story or Hot Springs Story except the specifics have changed and now you’re a manger of a football (soccer) team. Not much to say here aside from that it is a time sink for about 2 weeks until you clear the game.
  • Osmos HD
    I bought this game on a whim because it looks semi interesting, and I am excited that it is supposed to have a good soundtrack.
  • ZOOKEEPER DX Touch Edition
    This looks like a very generic match-three-of-the-same-thing puzzler, but I took a chance on it because it is supposed to be a polished game. Plus it is by a Japanese company, so the fact that it is being promoted must mean its good? Well I haven’t played enough to say that it is much different than the puzzler I thought it would be. There is some hilarious engrish in the game though.
  • Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals
    This one I bought for Pauline, so no comment here.

I think these apps sales are kind of a scam. A lot of paid apps are 99¢ so selling them for 49¢ is still half the price. When the market of games is either $1 or free, 50% off is not close enough to free (whereas I think 10¢ is). What’s next, a 75¢ sale?

They also had movies and books on sale. I didn’t want to rent movies and I wasn’t sure about the books – I’m invested in the Kindle platform and not Google Books. But 25¢ is pretty cheap so I bought some anyways: