I started a Tumblr blog a year and a half ago as an easy way for me to blog photos from my phone. I didn’t want to upload my photos directly to Facebook because they would then be lost in the Facebook walled garden and I wouldn’t be able to post it onto my lifefeed. On the other hand, I can cross post Tumblr onto my Facebook feed and retrieve a feed to integrate into my lifefeed, so it worked out.

I haven’t been blogging on it too much, at least it’s not a regular schedule. But I’ve also meant to use my Tumblr blog to reblog interesting graphics that I find as there seem to be a lot of Tumblr blogs posting funny and/or neat stuff. That was the theory, but in practice, there are just too many blogs to follow and I can’t keep up with what’s new every day.

Recently, I’ve decided to ditch the effort of reblogging. One reason is above, but the other is because I’ve been following the popular shake on mlkshk for a few months now and it is much easier to find the funny, trendy graphics because it’s pre-filtered! I lose the ability to cross-post my reblogs onto Facebook, but it’s not a big loss for me. It might be for you though, so if it is then bookmark my shake (not sure why they’ve decided to not implement RSS).