One thing that is a bit different this year, which was unplanned and unexpected, is that I haven’t been frequenting RedflagDeals as often. One reason that might be the case is because I have started a new job, so I haven’t been surfing there that much. But I don’t think that is the main reason, because I still go on there after work and I do find that it is not as interesting anymore.

I don’t know if I should attribute that to the fact that there isn’t much I want to buy anymore or because there aren’t that many good deals anymore! Many of the deals are for random computer components, tech gadgets or video games – none of which I need at the moment. I haven’t seen many great travel deals on there in awhile, and even then, my next travelling opportunity isn’t for a few months.

One other possibility is that I may have just grown out of RFD and spending so much time looking for The. Cheapest. Deal.