This past weekend, we went to the Scadding Court community centre in downtown Toronto, to visit their swimming pool, to do some fishing! Yes, fishing in a swimming pool!

It’s a bit weird, and I suppose targeted for kids (although there were a bunch of people like us – people who were to lazy to buy our own rods and get out of the city). The supplied the rods and worms, and you had a whole swimming pool of fish to catch (well that was the theory at least, but by the time we went in the middle of the day, many of the fish had already made a mistake and were caught).

We didn’t have much luck for a long time, which is pretty sad because this is unlike fishing in that you can actually SEE the fish before you catch it, and can cast your bait close to it. I had a bite from a very small fish, but couldn’t figure out which way to reel in my line at the spur of the moment. Pauline had a bite too, but the crafty rainbow trout was able to eat the bait and not the hook!

As we were just about the leave though, I had a moment of inspiration luck and caught one!