I’ve wanted to read Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time since the mid 00s but never got around to it as there was always other, more interesting or light (both in weight and comprehension) books available. Thanks to the Kindle, I finally got around to reading it.

It starts out great and interesting. Taking the reader through the annals of history and introduces the major physical and astronomical discoveries that shape our understanding. Everything is at a high school level and explained clearly, although this is probably the fourth (high school, university physics, nuclear science) time I’ve been introduced to everything.

Then things start to go a bit off track. He talks about the big bang and the beginning of the universe, and it’s just plain difficult to explain those concepts in the same layman terms as basic physics. It’s no longer as interesting because I don’t want to read each chapter four times to understand it! After about 2/3rds through the book, I gave up. I have more interesting things to read.