I haven’t had a Rogers Sucks blog in awhile, so here’s one. I’ve been researching the cheapest way to get data on my cellphone in the US. I obviously don’t want to sign on to a plan, because I would only be in the States for a couple of days. Since I use GSM, the only two possibilities are basically T-Mobile or AT&T.

T-Mobile doesn’t offer prepaid data (short of some hacking and use of proxies) but AT&T offers a few plans at $4.99 for 1MB or $19.99 for 100MB. When I first found about this, I was annoyed because it seemed like a rip off. I could spend $20USD for data, but that’s the same as I pay for my entire cellphone bill in a month in Canada! But the more I thought about it, the better it sounds.

With Rogers, the only way I can get data access is to pay $2.99 for a Data Day Pass which gives me up to 20MB of data (I pay a $1.99 tax for having a smartphone, otherwise it’ll be $1 day). That works out to 0.15¢ per MB which is a bit better than the 0.20¢ per MB that AT&T offers. Sounds good right? so why am I complaining?

The difference is that my 20MB on Rogers expires within 24 hours. I can’t use up 20MB just by checking email or updating foursquare, and Rogers is betting on that to eat up my $3. AT&T is different, you get 30 days to use up your data, and that would be great for me. Sure $20 is a bit much, but I can check Facebook and use GTalk on the go for an entire month!