I came across an interesting link that said people are happy to just plan a vacation (I suppose in addition to taking the vacation). I think it’s true, except when you can’t plan it properly.

That was our issue earlier this week. We wanted to plan a vacation for March break, but because we were busy earlier this month, we probably missed the best time to plan. A bunch of airlines (Air France, KLM) were having sales but the dates we wanted were in low supply so the prices were still quite expensive. It was a waiting game until finally today, Air Canada put on a sale that was useful to us. Air Canada has had a couple of sales recently to celebrate Canada’s Olympic gold medals, like a 50% off Canadian destinations, but today’s sale was a 50% off international destinations.

We ended up booking a flight to Heathrow. It wasn’t cheap at all, but it was a lot cheaper than when I priced the same tickets earlier; and we maxed out our available time so we will be able to head to Amsterdam and Brussels as well.

So now we can actually book hotels, trains, regional flights oh my. And if we’re not happy, we can go to The Netherlands and let the researchers know.