When we were in NOTL last year, I saw some neat wine glasses/tumblers on sale. They were special because they were made from some sort of recyclable, flexible, plastic; so if they actually tumbled, then they wouldn’t shatter. I thought they were really cool (I am easily impressed by technological advances eh) but they were going for something like $20 for a set of 4 so I didn’t get them.

Later that year, we were at a Ashley-Williams sale which we had to park really far away and lined up for, and I saw this same product again. I don’t know if they were exactly the same but the concept was. Now they were ON SALE for $12 for 4. Due to a combination of 1) being on sale, and 2) having to make the trip worthwhile; I got a set.

They are made by govino which seems to make only these glasses. In reality, I don’t think they are specifically wine glasses but are just marketed that way in order to target a specific demographic and set a higher markup; so not worth the premium (even if it was on sale!!). In fact, because it doesn’t have a stem, it feels a bit wrong with wine. I use it more with mixed drinks, although you have to be careful since it is voluminous compared to a normal glass.