Hermione gave us this enlightening book about our pee and poo which I’ve been reading (and although it seems like it belongs on the toilet, I’m actually quite boring and just reading it at my desk). This book is one of those that cover a hundred of topics in brief, kind of like the Worst Case Scenario genre of books. Except this one is devoted entirely to the colour spectrum of your excrements.

A secondary contribution of this reference is to try and inject some comedy into your bathroom reading with information like:

  • “In the world of pee, bolder is not better: mellow yellow is the way to go.”
  • “Then you experience Vitamin Water pee, you may start to wonder if your diet has included antifreeze or highlighter ink.”
  • “Diaper technology has improved over the decades, but there has yet to come an innovation that can suppress the Poo-nami.”
  • “Admittedly not the most soothing way to be awakened, having a roommate with potent and predictable Morning Thunder does have the advantage of precluding the need for an alarm clock.”

Ah isn’t that more interesting than listening to your #1 or #2? That is, unless you have Red Rum or Pee-Phoria!