What did I do this October. That seems to be a good question for myself every month and these recap posts have become more and more useless. Well Fall is here. The leaves were turning colors and both the mornings and nights are dark (yeah the extended DST is useless – we end up turning our lights on in the morning and when we come home). We didn’t take any trips to see the fall colours, although I did take a walk through the East Don Parklands, but by then all the leaves that were going to change had already fallen down.

The Google Wave hit, the MJ estate released their cash-grab movie and soundtrack, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize, the hockey season started and for a long time it looked like the Leafs wouldn’t win a game in October. I went to two concerts, Kylie at the ACC and the TSO for the first time this season. I also had an exciting Xbox weekend where I ended up as part of the mob for 1 vs 100 and attended a Forza3 party/car show.

Work has been uneventful except that I had the opportunity to do a couple of interviews for some students that may be coming next term. I interviewed four guys from Waterloo and one from UBC, although I was just participated and wasn’t leading the interview. I wonder if I’ll show up on InternSHARE‘s interview notes? It was interesting to be on the other side of the phone though. Surprisingly, it is just as stressful (or maybe because I haven’t had enough experience) being the interviewer as being the interviewee.