One place we hope to head to while in South Korea (provided we can make it to our hotel) is Panmunjeon. Panmunjeon is about as close as we can get to North Korea, without actually going to the DPRK. There is a room, although I don’t remember if it’s something we will visit, which has doors that go into North Korea, but they’re guarded and you will get shot or something if you go past the guards.

They are very strict about this (both the North and South) and you can’t actually visit this place without going on an official tour. We’re going with the US Millitary so hopefully that will be as best a protection as possible – because DPRK and South Korea are still at war with each other (although there is a ceasefire). Because of this, they are (supposedly, we shall see) very strict. You can only take pictures in certain locations, you have to walk a certain way, you can’t join these tours if you’re from certain countries, and you have to dress a certain way. They don’t want our mugs wearing thuggy clothing appearing on propaganda posters!