February started off with the groundhog seeing his shadow and predicting six more weeks of winter. Did you know that the groundhog is only correct 39% of the time? Well he certainly seemed to live up to the trend because immediately afterwards, we had a week of above 0°C temperatures. The groundhog’s prediction was vindicated near the end of the month however, as we’re mired in -15°C weather again.

The Oscars and Grammys were also cold, at least to me. I still have no idea who won what at the Grammys and I didn’t watch any of the movies that won Oscars. The most entertaining news out of the Grammys was Chris Brown’s assault of Rihanna though. Other black people having a bad month was Obama, as he had to visit Canada during winter and actually try and get things done with his new government. The various stimulus bills have ended his honeymoon period and now we can actually see if he can bring change® to the USA.

I started listening to the radio again this month, but it’s not really a pleasant experience. In terms of gaming, I spent this month playing Burnout Paradise, and Rez; with a smattering of Rock Band here and there. I caught up a bit more on my Japan blogging, and moved my blog onto WordPress.

The big change this month is really in terms of my blogging. I’m trying to play nice with the blog ecosystem and evolving my blogging so the content is better.