I feel like the winner of a reality TV show, because my blog just got a makeover! Goodbye 5th generation. It was actually a lot quicker and not as painful as I thought to move on to WordPress. My blogs, tags, and your comments all made it over. The permalinks and pictures in posts still work (recent ones at least – pictures from 2004 have been long dead). Your user accounts are dead, so you’ll need to create new ones (if you’re commenting) and my links blog is dead now too.

The links blog is really the only casualty. I didn’t know how to bring it over without mangling my database and sacrificing my blog’s permalinks (since they both share the same range of unique IDs). I’m fine with it though, because lately I’ve been thinking that I should quote the interesting portions of links as part of a “links blog”, so they will just evolve into smaller blogs (and so we’ve come full circle). My old links are no longer on orangefever, but fortunately I have a script that mirrors them onto del.icio.us, so they are still available under my del.icio.us account.

I’ve added my del.icio.us account to my lifestream RSS feed. If you’re subscribed to my RSS but not my lifestream feed, then you’re doing it wrong!