Every week in the mail, we get the Zellers flyer. They are very aggressive in advertising their deals in the neighborhood, since they are a stone’s throw away from me (well, maybe a paper airplane throw). They have a couple loss leaders which are decent deals, but the rest of the flyer seems to be price discriminated against stupid or lazy people.

A couple of weeks, I was flipping through and they advertised NHL09 for the 360 for $69.99. It was being sold everywhere else for $59.99, and that’s without any special coupons or deals. Last week, I was flipping through again and they were selling an Xbox for $299 with a free (platinum hits) game. Future Shop and Best Buy usually have Xbox deals where they bundle 2 free games, of which one of the game is a current hit. So even in a straight comparison, Zellers is a rip off. Looking at the fine print, I noticed that it was an Arcade system. You can get an Arcade system and 2 free games from Walmart for $177. That’s a 69%+1 game price differential!