While deciding to get a TV, I also debated the question of whether to get a current-generation console. I have a Gamecube and played on it for a bit since we got our TV, but was turned off by the resolution/graphics, and because all the games I had were boring! That meant it was time to buy something new.

I immediately discounted the PS3. I didn’t need blue-ray and the system was too expensive (plus are there any exclusives to play? I am only tangentially interested in Little Big Planet). I decided against getting a Wii because everyone already has a Wii! Plus, I didn’t want to pay the controller tax ($70 x 3 + system?).

I started shopping around for an Xbox and it was a good time since Microsoft just announced a price cut on Arcade and Pro bundles. I just missed out on a sale at Futureshop for a Pro bundle w/ 20GB and Gears of War and DOA (the volleyball version) for $199. Normally the Pro bundle retails for $299, but Microsoft introduced a new Pro bundle with a 60GB drive recently so the old Pro bundle was being cleared out at the price point of the Arcade bundle. In the end, I managed to get the same bundle at $199 (but no free games) at Best Buy a couple of weeks later.