On Saturday, we hosted Iron Ring Chef at our place. Although the name is reminiscent of Iron Chef, it wasn’t really. It was more of a housewarming in disguise, although we provided food and other people brought stuff too. We waited a long time to do a house warming (3 months!) for a couple of reasons, first we didn’t really have anything to do and I didn’t want to do a DS/Tetris party.

The other aspect was seating. A few weeks back, all we had was a couch which sat 3 people, and 2 bar stools. So we could seat 5 people comfortably. Now we have 4 more dining room chairs, and we bought 2 more fold up chairs from Canadian Tire; so we were up to 11 chairs. That was still a problem because including us, there would be 19 people there. Actually with 19 people, I was afraid that some people would have to hang out in the balcony in order for there to be enough space!

Luckily, the arrivals and departures were staggered so that there was enough room. Peter, Horace and Aaron came and left early, and Norris, Janet, Leo and Adrienne went to Nuit Blanche after dinner.

Our original idea was that people could bring over stuff to cook; but logistically that would prove difficult to do. We ended up watching a few movies (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [twice], Kung Fu Hustle, and Aeon Flux) and played Victor’s Ruk-Shuk. Goal for our next party is to have better activities.