As there weren’t any interesting DS games to play, I started playing The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. I wasn’t interested in playing it when it came out because I am not enamoured with spending 10s of hours playing an adventure game; but there didn’t seem to be any games to play on the horizon so I started playing it.

I was surprised that it is actually pretty fun. The art is in comic book style and the animation is fluid (or as far as I can tell on my small screen). The controls set it apart though, as it makes it a true DS game. This is basically a stylus game since you use it to tell Link how to move. Originally I found it frustrating to not be able to use directional buttons to move, but now I’m accustomed to it. Using Link’s other tools are done with the inevitable drags and clicks.

I still think it’s kind of tedious, especially fighting and solving dungeons. The puzzles aren’t hard, and the rewards aren’t actually that great. So while I don’t mind playing it, now that there are some other games I want to try out (Ninja Gaiden, LEGO Indiana Jones), I just want to finish it.