I’ve been following the Democratic primaries on the net this month. I’m not sure how or why, but politics is a much more popular issue on the web than IRL Maybe it’s because you can yap your opinion without having your face busted in. I’ve also noticed that the coverage is much more available on the net this time around; I don’t even remember the 2003 primaries happening. Anyways, I suppose it’s a good thing because it causes the younger demographic to vote.

I don’t have a particular favorite in the race between Edwards, Clinton and Obama. I think either Clinton or Obama will make for an interesting presidential race (and term if successful) because neither of them are a white man. Part of me is hoping that whoever wins would make the other the VP, but I don’t think that will happen. I also fear that if Obama is selected, he will be assassinated.

Reading about the race online is like reading Slashdot, there are fanboys ranting about their hobby horse ALL THE TIME. However, in this case it’s usually about Ron Paul. Ron Paul supporters have their pitch down to an art, they’ll come by and leave a comment saying how the only true candidate is Ron Paul and then list their supporting reasons. Even if it’s a discussion of Democratic candidates. But I suppose they are hoping that come the real thing, people will switch and vote Republican (provided that Paul even wins the nomination).

While it’s annoying, I kind of wonder why the American population is so enthusiastic and political issues. Maybe it’s just a 10x population thing, but I can’t imagine people in Canada exhibiting the same behaviour.