I’m retiring from Brain Age 2 having only attained an age of 24 (although I’ve only taken the test like 3 times — hate the stupid memorization test). I’m quitting for a couple of reasons, namely that I’m dead tired of the stupid narrator patronizing me and because the training exercises just are not fun.

Sign Finder is not too bad (although I keep having my + signs recognized as x and my / recognized as -), and the hard level with multiple inputs is actually challenging. I can do mental math though, and there’s no urgency for me to be able to do multiple permutations at increased speed.

Piano Player is a joke, even on hard. The only thing holding me back is my inaccuracy with the stylus.

Word Blend is too hard even in a quiet environment with the volume on max. I’m not sure what this mode is supposed to train except to prove that you’re not deaf. Plus, the hard mode is not even that much harder (they just make one of the words even harder to pick out).

World Scramble used to be my favorite, but I quickly got bored of it. Half the time it’s too easy and I can spot the word right away, and the other half the time there are words that don’t follow normal patterns and I just give up (i.e., Admiral).

Calendar Count is dumb. It’s a simple math, counting game with numbers divisible by 7. I never played this one after I tried it out.

Change Maker is practical but too easy. Once you learn the tactic to approach these problems, it’s a matter of clicking fast enough.

Memory Sprint is also pretty dumb. The trick is to count and add/subtract when necessary. Once you’re used to those steps, it’s easy to get perfect each time.

Clock Spin is probably the hardest of the training programs, and it exercises spatial thinking (which males are supposedly better at). I’m not very good at this one, but haven’t played it much because: 1) I unlocked it near the end and was already tired of playing it, and 2) it’s not fun!

Math Recall is the one I play everyday because it’s so easy. Even the hard mode is too simplistic as you only need 2 buffers in your brain to store the hidden numbers.

Block Count was the last training program I unlocked and like Clock Spin, it wasn’t fun and I don’t play it.

Virus Buster is a rebranded Dr. Mario where you have to drag the pills to the proper location. I don’t like the control scheme, and if I wanted a game like this then I’d just play Tetris.

Sudoku is pretty useful but I wouldn’t want to carry around an extra cart just to play it.