I saw Rush Hour 3, and I think that I`m not enough of a common person or Chinese or Black to appreciate the humor. Sure, I know that the jokes are happening and I get them, but I don`t find the racial poking or slapstick humor to be that funny; although the audience doesn`t agree with me.

After seeing the movie though, I agree with Metacritic’s average rating of 44%, aside from the “comedic” elements, there really was no value in this movie. The plot was on the one hand straightforward (I easily picked up the master bad guy at the beginning), and on the other hand non-sensical. The writers would fabricate unbelievable situations in order to fulfill a joke, for example the French cab driver.

I suppose you could consider this as cheesy summer entertainment, but I think it does a bad job at that. I’d rather see things being blown up. So Rush Hour 3 gets a 2/5.