Hello MBNA,

I hope that there isn’t a pile of these letters sitting on your desk, and if there are, hopefully you will reply to them on a rainy day when you’re not at the post office. I was busy last week, and wasn’t able to reply promptly to your last letter (which I now religiously rip up). But let’s talk about more serious things. I heard from a friend on the Internet that the incredibly low interest rate you offer me on your convenience cheques are in fact a lie! I, of course, being your loyal friend did not believe their stories. They said that the sub-3% interest rate is in fact used in lieu of the normal cash advance interest rate (which is admittedly a discount), but I would have to pay the usual, almost-20% interest rate on the owed amount starting as soon as I cashed the cheque. That does not seem like quite a deal to me, and I know I should make better friends than my pals on the Internet, but say it ain’t so MBNA!!