What’s been happening this week? Well my parents are off on a duckling tour so I have the place to myself (yay) but I also have to make sure I don’t burn it down or flood it (boo).

The Senior VP and Group Executive of the IBM software group, Steve Mills, came by on Wednesday to visit the Toronto Lab. If IBM only made software, I guess he would be the CEO of the place. It was a big event, but not for the employees. The public areas of the building were cordoned off for media and I suppose there were various tech demos for them. All we got was a one-hour town hall with Mills, although I am not complaining because I usually don’t get a lot out of these “we’re a great company” rah-rah things.

On Thursday, our early career employee group hosted an ice cream float social for the lab, so I ended up scooping out a lot of ice cream and pouring out a lot of pop. The purpose was to get people to show up, hang around, and chat. But we got a lot of people that either had a lot of work or were freeloaders, because they left right after the received their float. I suspect the latter because many of them also did not fit the first-five-years-of-your-career criteria, unless they were all working on their PhDs until they were 30.