It seems as though I don’t learn, because after my not entirely uplifting experience with Fantastic Four, I went and shelled out real money to see Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The sequel was worse than the first one, even though I expected it to be pretty bad. The crass commercialism and corny humor were unbearable; although I think the writers were banking on them to be the redeeming points that would make the movie popular. The plot was not terrible, however being a comic book movie, it can be quite baffling and still be believable. On the other hand, the characters and attempted development of them was implausible. Situations seemed heavily scripted in order to deliver the payoff later in the movie.

There were two things I liked about the movie. First, Silver Surfer really did look like he came out of the comic books, and second the scene where Johnny Storm went all Super Skrull. Although you could argue that the writers basically ripped off another comic character because they couldn’t figure out how to end the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if that really was the reason based on their previous work. Lucky for FF2, I’m a comic geek so I can stay interested in this two out of five star movie even when it sucks.