The Ocean’s series is stereotypical of summer blockbusters. It’s cheese that’s perfect for a hot, hazy day where your brain wants to work as much as a fat kid with a big bag of popcorn. There’s something that resembles a coherent plot, but if you think too hard your brain will melt. There are scenarios that seem to make sense, until you wonder what got them to that point in the first place, but then you get the joke and laugh your way to the next scene. There’s a huge cast, 13 of them + various paid off people, but it’s not complicated; everyone is one dimensional and plays the same part as the preceeding movies. What it lacks in substance though, it makes up in style.

The big picture is that a gang of misfits and thiefs plan a humongous heist and pull it off (as if they weren’t going to). The fun is watching the ludicrous situations get even more hairy. Watch Danny Ocean talk his mark into his own downfall or Rusty greasing the wheels with envelopes full of cash. It’s like Star Wars, you know the ending before it starts, but it doesn’t make it any less enjoyable. My only complaint is that they made the setup too intricate and the movie clocks in at a little over 2 hours. What happened to short, fun movies (time to see Shrek)? But if you have time to spare, it’s a three out of five movie.