Smallville started up again after the Christmas break. I can’t even remember where the series left off, but it started the new year with the Justice League of America! While, I think the writers are really running out of ideas since they have to borrow from the future (see also Lois Lane), I’m also fan-boy giddy about real-life action JLA (as opposed to the cartoons).

They didn’t introduce any new characters (so for example, there’s no Batman), but they pulled in all the JLA members that had cameo’s in the series. This interpretation of the league consists of Superman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Superman isn’t named that yet, and Flash is called “Impulse”. Clark is called “Boy Scout” which reminds me of Michael Vaughn since I’ve been watching Alias. Cyborg also is a weird fit because he should be part of the Teen Titans.

Chloe is part of the league, and knows everyone’s identity. In fact, her code name is Watchtower which is the orbital base in the comics. So she would seem to be the new Martian Manhunter, but in fact I think she is more like Oracle.