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It’s been awhile since I blogged about my favorite songs, and hey Coldplay’s Viva La Vida isn’t even my most favorite Coldplay song! Well it came up on my shuffle and I realize that I have developed a strong emotional connection with this song over the years. Although it’s not significant at all, I remember being in Japan in the summer of 2008 and singing this at Karaoke (I suppose it was surprising that they had this (and many other) English songs at karaoke, but that ended up being par on course after visiting other places in Japan).

Coldplay seems to be great at capturing my mood at a stage of life and this is another example. The lyrics evoke a mood of melancholy reminiscence which is a bit of a cheat because one will always look back and remember the good times. Now that this song is tied with a vacation time, even a trival one, it will always remind me of good times.

My Fave Songs is a recurring (albeit infrequent) feature on my blog about the songs in my iTunes playlist which I rate as 5 stars (well not in this case – this one is just a 4.5 star right now).

Madonna was just as big in the 80s as Michael Jackson, and her hits were collected on a “greatest hits” album called the Immaculate Collection. This truly was an amazing collection, with many hits that are still popular (with thanks to Glee) such as Vogue, Material Girl, and Papa Don’t Preach. The hits don’t stop there there, there was Like a Virgin, Holiday, Like a Prayer, La Isla Bonita, and of course many others. Surprisingly the song I like the most from this CD is Crazy For You – which you probably haven’t heard unless you are a true Madonna fan or have the Immaculate Collection on repeat.

I was in the same boat, but after listening to Crazy For You 40 or some times, I came to appreciate it and now really like it. It is a simple love song that feels like it is sung from the heart. There doesn’t need to be any over dramatization or wordplay thrown about, it’s just a straightforward plea from a girl telling how she is crazy for her love.

My Fave Songs is a recurring feature on my blog about the songs in my iTunes playlist which I rate as 5 stars.

When the first few beats begin playing for New Order’s Bizarre Love Triangle, it is almost immediately recognizable to me and I think “hey cool, it’s NO’s BLT; such a cool song from the 80s, I wish they played more 80s”. I’m not a New Order fan, insomuch that I like New Wave and they exist in that genre; but Bizarre Love Triangle has a great beat (including the distinctive bassline intro), a good synth melody, and sufficient listens from when I was growing up.

That ends up making BLT the epitome of 80s New Wave to me. I think of New Wave consisting of a guy who sounds pretty good at karaoke backed by synths and a dance beat. For reasons unknown (mostly because I never grew up with it), I really enjoy listening to the 80s New Wave style now. Perhaps it’s because New Wave combines several music techniques that I like, such as dance music, and electronica. Or maybe I just like the 80s production techniques (I can’t say the same for 90s or 00s).

I find it surprising that I still enjoy listening to BLT so much though. Nowadays I look to the lyrics to give a song more depth, and well this is not one of BLT’s strong points. Combined with the fact that the singing is not that great, and I’ve heard it so many times over the last 2 decades, you would think I would be tired of it rather than thinking that it is one of my all-time favorite songs!

My Fave Songs is a recurring feature on my blog about the songs in my iTunes playlist which I rate as 5 stars.

Rilo Kiley’s Portions For Foxes is one of more recent favorite songs. As my musical tastes have grown (i.e., I moved into liking singer-songwriter), I’ve started listening to the lyrics of songs much more. And it’s the lyrics that make this song a 5 star song in my iPod.

My current interpretation of the song is that it is mostly sung from the perspective of a girl who has a crush on some guy. She knows that she has a crush, but she also knows that she shouldn’t pursue a relationship with him for whatever reason. Then later, when she sees the guy, she becomes a (food) portion for the fox who can take advantage of her crush. But what does she say she’s bad news?

But as with the best of songs, there is a certain vagueness to the lyrics so one can never be certain that their interpretation is correct. Every time I hear it, I re-evaluate and evolve my interpretation of the song. That ability to engage me, plus the fact that the music is catchy and balances well with the lyrics makes this a fantastic song!

My Fave Songs is a recurring feature on my blog about the songs in my iTunes playlist which I rate as 5 stars.

My Fave Songs is going to be a new recurring feature on my blog about the songs which I consider are 5/5 stars. My inaugural post is The Sign by Ace of Base.

The Sign was one of the first songs I liked when I started listening to “popular” music in my early teens. Because I liked The Sign so much, I became a fan of Ace of Base even when though they weren’t mainstream or really popular. I bought all their North American releases (The Sign, The Bridge, Cruel Summer) and scoured on Ebay to get their greatest hits. I even searched and downloaded most of their discography BEFORE the days of Napster.

Even now, I still enjoy The Sign as much as when I first heard it. It has a lot of musical elements which I still prefer; the strong female vocals and dance beat. Because of Ace of Base’s europop influence, I listened to eurodance extensively for five years, and even now when it is out of style. The Sign was one of the songs of my formative years and because of that it had major influence and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it.